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Loyalty to grow: the Acqua & Sapone program

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Develop a loyalty plan within an omnichannel strategy.

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  • Loyalty strategy

  • CRM strategy

  • Marketing automation

  • System integration

  • Business analysis

  • Acqua & Sapone is the largest Italian chain in the beauty and hygiene sector. With a network of almost 800 stores throughout the country, it is a constantly growing brand.
    In line with its attitude for improvement, Acqua & Sapone has chosen Sidea Group to develop a loyalty strategy in the retail sector. The goal is to understand customer behaviours, involve them in purchasing processes, and build lasting relationships.

    Focusing on customers is a fundamental choice for every business. It is even more so in a competitive and aggressive sector such as large-scale mass distribution. Thanks to the synergy between CRM, customer based marketing and data intelligence, we have supported Acqua & Sapone in a transformation process that optimises the customer experience and brings customers closer.
    To do this, we put in place an omni-channel strategy based on an innovative loyalty plan that gives customers integrated experiences, moving from on-line to the physical store in a fluid and rewarding way.
    The loyalty program allows users to obtain exclusive benefits on products while letting Acqua & Sapone learn about its consumers’ habits. This way, thanks to data analysis, it is possible to segment customers and interact with them in a consistent way, offering discounts, promotions and subscription purchases.

    With Sidea Group, Acqua & Sapone is even closer to its customers and aligns with one of the most important principles of the customer experience: reaching the right customer, at the right time, and with the right message (and opportunity).