Con Sidea Manufacturing

Master Italy

Optimising the entire digital identity and the development of an on-line configurator that allows users to better know and experience the potential of the products on sale.

Segmento 1 - Dettaglio case


Increase brand awareness, improve the user experience, bring the brand to higher levels of B2B interaction

Aree di intervento


  • Business analysis

  • CX strategy and content design

  • Omnichannel platform

  • Site optimisation and UX/UI redesign, both for the front-end user experience and for the management of the back-end catalogue. Improvement of the user experience in the on-line product configurator.

    SEO analysis and related optimisation with continuous monitoring of results and fine-tuning.

    Technological refactoring of the C/Panel web platform, for maximum product management customisation with the aim of a simpler user experience and better maintenance.

    Analysis and development of an on-line product configurator.

  • Sales and leads generation

  • Web analysis

  • SEO