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Data is a company’s true treasure

How to generate value from data and put the customer at the centre of everything.

Transform data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into value.

This is what data intelligence does, in simple terms. And it does this by combining technology, processes and solutions.

Until a few years ago, everything was driven by experience. Every decision was the fruit of intuition and of what had been done up to that moment. That was enough for a long time. Today, in the digital age, it is no longer enough. Without data, companies risk moving in the dark and making assumptions about marketing performance, customer behaviour, or campaign results.

Why is data useful?

There is a huge amount of data, it is everywhere and it is interconnected. And most of all, they talk. They say who our customers are, what their buying habits are, what channels they use, what social relationships they have, etc. This incredible amount of data, updated and in real time, helps companies to get to know customers better and build a relationship with them.

This way, companies can optimise business processes, increase the effectiveness of communication campaigns, improve marketing activities and increase profitability. Data intelligence also allows you to understand market trends in advance, make predictions about customer behaviour, and adjust business decisions.

Sidea Group and Salesforce: strategy and solutions

If data is the key, the tool to open up to all of these opportunities is the Salesform CRM platform. Thanks to the support of Sidea Group consultants, companies have the opportunity to step up their quality and really put data, and the customer, at the centre of everything.

The CRM platform allows you to automate data collection, analyse it with the help of artificial intelligence and have a unique and real-time picture of overall performance. So it’s all connected. Marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service, IT. All in one approach.

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