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Scopri i nuovi modelli di consumo nel settore food

Discover the new consumption patterns in the food sector

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on digital transformation in the consumer products sector.

You spend more time at home, even to work. Needs change. Technology facilitates the shift towards new consumption behaviours. Companies that are open to change are growing, those that are more firm are stricken and suffering.

E-Commerce in Italy: on average, purchases in all sectors grow by 30%. Some more than others. From +0.4% of the “health and beauty” sector to +39% of coffee machines. Convenience, speed, experience and customisation are the main drivers of this further acceleration of on-line-shops.

The digital revolution passes through new ways of selling and the Customer Engagement logics are increasingly multichannel.

Team that wins, invents new game. The ability to adapt remains a strategic value for the future of Italian brands.

Digital first companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to meet new expectations and build one-to-one relationships with consumers through a subscription model. Especially brands that have invested in experiences and services.

The subscription sale of recurring food products through the e-commerce channel was a trend months ago. Now and in the future it has become a necessity.

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