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Focus on the customer. Practising what is preached

That is, how to organise business according to Customer Based Marketing principles.

“The customer at the centre”, “the customer first”, “our goal is to meet the customer’s needs”. These are just a few of the phrases we read, listen to or pronounce continuously to declare loyalty to our customers.

What’s the problem? None, if only that were so. Instead, they are increasingly more often just abstract promises, far from reality.

Let’s start from the beginning. Focusing on customers means listening, understanding and designing experiences to build lasting relationships with them. It is not, therefore, a single action but a holistic approach that must involve the whole organisation.

Implementing Customer Based Marketing strategies is not a simple and instant process, it requires change, commitment and involvement. Everything must be rethought to give value to the customer. The secret? Evolve one step at a time, in a conscious and determined way.

Step one: create a customer-based culture

Working on culture requires a lot of effort, because it is something intangible. It needs the involvement of the entire organisation, from the CEO to the employees, and a long-term vision.

One way to develop a customer-based culture is to ask yourself a few simple questions before making a decision.

  • How does this product meet the customer’s needs?
  • How does this system help you interact with the customer?
  • How does this process eliminate critical issues reported by customers?

If the answer to these questions is customer-centric, then it’s the right way. Otherwise, you’d better reconsider your decision. A customer-oriented culture encourages everyone to act more consciously and to change their point of view.

Second step: from the product to the customer

Many companies are still focused on the product. They know everything they sell but have little knowledge of their customers. The ability to understand who they are, what they want and what their behaviour is even more important now because we are in the midst of a pandemic that has radically changed consumer habits.

Customers are no longer predictable. They move quickly, change shape and use new tools. Therefore, challenge is to combine culture and digital to get in touch with customers. Collect, analyse and organise data. It is a never-ending process. To get to know your customers better and create a positive and lasting relationship.

Step three: digital transformation

Technology is a valuable tool to stay in touch with customers, simplify processes and improve business profitability. In a scenario characterised by an increasing number of digital channels, interactions and information, digital is the key to understanding customer behaviours, anticipating their desires and interacting with them in an authentic and consistent way.

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