Consulting strategy

Consulting and Strategy

Change, grow, with the best strategic vision

Change is a container of opportunity. To be able to grasp them, it is necessary to adopt strategies created through an in-depth study of the data, in synergy with the work of AI. Strategies that arise on such solid and thoughtful foundations can become models to be applied on a scale and at all levels of the organization.

Le aree di intervento

  • Advisory

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence

  • Launch new business

  • Corporate Venture Building

  • Growth Strategy / Startup growth

  • Internationalization

Consulting and StrategySoluzioni


Digital transformation

Technologies and strategies that make digital change possible

Only the right synergy between tools and skills, objectives and vision allows you to better address the digitization of processes and the entire business.

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  • Process digitization

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Digital Experience

  • Research and development



Opening your business to international markets

The digital market knows no borders, only new challenges. And in these challenges we will support you by providing you with vision and strategies to face the new market scenarios with competence and safety.

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  • Export consulting

  • Lead acquisition

  • Performance marketing

  • Advisoring


Marketing Intelligence

The analysis and understanding of the market scenario (and beyond)

We constantly collect and analyze data from your reference scenario to arrive at accurate decisions that allow you to make the most of market opportunities.

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  • Marketing audit

  • Marketing strategy and performance

  • Brand audit


Business Strategy

The best strategy for growing your business

To grow you need a strategy, which combines experience, data analysis, gradual definition of objectives. We study your business and design the best strategy for you.

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  • Business model optimization

  • Trust strategy

  • Growth strategies

  • Change management