By integrating minds and tools we connect people and technologies, businesses and markets. The right IT solutions for your business.

We work in competitive markets and on highly complex projects with a consulting and operational approach with three integrated and interconnected business units.

High-impact IT Solutions

High-impact IT Solutions

Digital transformation is no longer a question of if but of when.

Adequate IT infrastructure can streamline operations, improve productivity, drive communications, and accelerate growth. Sidea provides integrated solutions and platforms for CRM, on-line sales and omnichannel management of internal and external processes with its IT team.

Sidea provides integrated solutions and platforms with its IT team

Le aree di intervento

  • CRM Implementation

  • Managed Services

  • System Integration

  • Omnichannel Platform Dev

  • DevOps

  • Technology Services

  • Software Quality Assurance

Digital Factory

Digital Factory

Thanks to the digital experience, all the knowledge and expertise of new tools and new digital channels becomes a strategic asset in the pursuit of marketing goals.

Sidea provides innovation support, monitoring, transformation and optimisation of existing digital assets and creation of new ones with its Digital team. The goal is to design the best possible digital experience, collecting inputs from the market and by studying behaviour patterns and transforming them into winning outputs. We analyse need and build the best possible solutions in our "digital factory".

The goal is to design the best possible digital experience

Le aree di intervento

  • Omnichannel Marketing

  • Brand Experience Design

  • Digital marketing plans

  • UX Research e UI Design

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Sales and leads generation

  • Conversion optimization

  • Web Analytics e data-driven marketing

Consulting strategy

Consulting and Strategy

It is critical to capitalise on growth opportunities and develop core business by exploring new markets and new models in a constantly evolving market.

Sidea helps businesses in strategy analysis, development and its implementation, optimising and improving business processes and initiating a true digital transformation with its team of consultants.

The goal is to think outside the box, streamline and continuously adapt.

Le aree di intervento

  • Advisory

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence

  • Launch new business

  • Corporate Venture Building

  • Growth Strategy / Startup growth

  • Internationalization