High-impact IT Solutions

High-impact IT Solutions

IT solutions for the development and growth of your business

With our innovative approach to information technology services you can renew and improve your range of business applications in order to keep your business competitive and to be able to face business needs in the future.

Le aree di intervento

  • CRM Implementation

  • Managed Services

  • System Integration

  • Omnichannel Platform Dev

  • DevOps

  • Technology Services

  • Software Quality Assurance

High-impact IT SolutionsSoluzioni



The efficient and safe management of the relationship with customers

With our CRM solutions, among the best in the world, you can manage and retain your customer base, giving added value to your business.

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  • CRM Vision

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Base Marketing

  • CRM Project Dev


Subscription model

The new consumption models for your business

Our IT team supports your company in implementing the tools needed to enter the world of the subscription economy.

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  • Data model

  • Subscription model

  • Zuora Platform


Omnichannel Platform

The experience of your customers made fluid by the synergy of the platforms

We work to grow your business, making sure that all channels act and interact in a coherent way to restore a solid image of your reality.

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  • Content Design

  • UX/UI Design

  • Web and mobile Dev


Soluzioni end-to-end

Processes and objectives designed and monitored step by step

We follow the entire growth process of your project: from the definition of objectives, the construction of the strategy and the implementation and management of the necessary tools, up to the monitoring of results.

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  • DevOps

  • Software engineering

  • Data management

  • Agile transformation