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Subscribe to exclusive travel deals with Lastminute subscription

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Supporting Lastminute in the creation of its first subscription service for travel experiences and exclusive discounts to retain users.

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  • Zuora platform DevOps

  • System integration

  • Billing and Payment processes

  • Revenue Recognition

  • Notification flow

  • is an on-line travel agency portal; it offers travel packages and experiences, and is available in Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy.

    With the aim of retaining customers by offering even more advantageous and practical services to use, Lastminute has chosen Zuora and Sidea Group to launch a bona fide membership program.
    The program consists of an annual subscription that allows users to access discounts and exclusive services, in addition to the normal sale of holiday packages on the site. We developed and configured the platform with Zuora, integrating it with the platforms already used by Lastminute.

    One of the major challenges of this project was managing several countries, which involved managing different languages and currencies (Euro and Pound). We associated each type of customer with the relevant set of e-mails to be sent at all subscription stages (actual subscription, end of trial period, payments, etc.) and the actions to be performed at the different types of payment receipts and billing.

    Another challenge and fundamental point for the success of the project: the recognition of revenues. To meet international standards (IFRS15) on revenues from customer contacts, we developed a customised revenue recognition model that is internationally compliant

    The additional added value that we have given to the project with Lastminute is that we have managed to make the subscription service available for an initial set of users after just over three months from project launch. The plan is to continue with all the other countries and currencies, accompanying Lastminute into the subscription economy for good.