Con Sidea Healthcare

Lucea Multimedica

The digitisation of health services, anticipating the evolution of the sector and through the intervention of marketing, IT and CRM specialists.

Segmento 1 - Dettaglio case


Digitising the health care booking system and providing on-line access to records, creating relations with the patient on several levels: faster, accessible, transparent.

Aree di intervento


  • Business analysis

  • Content strategy/design

  • CRM implementation

  • CX strategy and content design

  • Data-driven marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Omnichannel platform

  • Performance marketing

  • Integration between Marketing, IT and CRM by restyling the website, with a radical improvement of the user experience.

    Integration of the new site with the company management system, with the creation of the on-line booking system and access to records via a reserved area with username and password. The entire digitisation process has also allowed optimal and integrated flow management by the health clinic secretary, which has offices throughout the region.

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Sales and leads generation

  • System integration