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Data analysis becomes a key tool for implementing new strategies and seizing new market opportunities.

Segmento 1 - Dettaglio case


Develop integrated Search strategies (SEO, advertising, local & mobile search), social and content marketing to transform search intentions into actions and conversions. Produce accurate analysis of the digital behaviours of social media users and the site, to integrate business decision-making processes. Optimise content strategy.

Aree di intervento


  • CX and content strategy and design

  • E-commerce platform design

  • Development of e-commerce and corporate website, with marketing plan and strategy.

    Fine-tuning and monitoring of e-commerce campaigns and B2B SEM, social, DEM, marketing automation.

    Cost and performance analysis and related reports.

    Optimisation of content strategy with multichannel PED and creation of copy and visual.

  • Marketing intelligence

  • Digital marketing

  • Sales and leads generation

  • Marketing automation

  • CRM implementation

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Web analytics

  • Data-driven marketing