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Trend caffè 2021. L’evoluzione dei modelli di consumo per i produttori

Coffee trend 2021. The evolution of consumption patterns for producers

The economic crisis linked to Covid-19 that has globally invested companies has forced them to face important strategic challenges accelerating the digital evolution.

In this dynamic scenario, modern management of the relationship with the end customer has also assumed great importance for producers who, thanks to e-commerce and CRM systems, can manage it effectively.

One of the most interesting trends in this sector is certainly to evolve towards a business model that exceeds the concept of “ownership” in favour of that of “membership”, that is, temporary access to a good or service.

The digital revolution passes through new ways of selling and the Customer Engagement logics are increasingly multichannel.

For the categories of goods with recurring purchases, including coffee, the subscription economy has taken hold, i.e. an e-commerce model based on subscription.

In Italy, subscribing to coffee is an increasingly widespread habit: the real change is represented by consumers who require the use of technology in everyday life for smart, flexible and unrestricted access.

In this context, Sidea Group, through a shared business strategy, guides companies in the design and development of technological platforms based on the subscription model.

Zuora is the leading global platform for the subscription economy, of which Sidea is one of the main Italian partners, and it helps companies move from a product-based to a service-based sales model through its order-to-cash-to-revenue solution.

We have selected some of the Italian producers who offer their coffee by subscription: an important factor emerges in all of them. They do not only want to sell a service, but create a continuous relationship between company and customer capable of generating value for both and a modern “experience”.

Illy coffee

Illy coffee has practically always represented the quality of Italian made coffee in Italy and abroad.

By subscribing, you can choose from many types of coffees and always receive them at home for free and have access to additional economic benefits.

The Illy brand puts a lot of emphasis on flexibility: the subscription program adapts to your lifestyle, you can interrupt it and resume it when it is most convenient for you and even change the date of receipt. You can choose to receive Illy coffee every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks, depending on your needs.


Lavazza da Te is the name of the subscription of the famous Italian brand.

It is a subscription with multiple features: it is convenient, modular, customisable (you can change the frequency of delivery independently and at any time) and shipping is always free.

In addition, the company rewards the subscriber with a €15 voucher that can be spent on the Zalando platform.


Nespresso Easy is the Nespresso company monthly subscription formula for home delivery of pods at a low and fixed price.

The subscription allows you to choose between various plans, based on coffee consumption and provides a fixed monthly fee that is converted into extra credit of 10%. Delivery is free and you can cancel or modify the plan at any time, without restrictions.

Caffè Aiello

Caffè Aiello offers monthly, quarterly or semi-annual subscription plans.

The roasting company rewards subscribers who buy the most with a discount: the more packs are added, the greater the discount on the total order.

Flexibility is the key also in this case: the user can increase or decrease the amount of packs, change the frequency of deliveries or temporarily cancel the subscription.

Not only big names but also small local entrepreneurs such as Cafezal, Bugan Coffee Lab, Café124 have become aware of the on-going change in market dynamics and consumer behaviours and have embraced the subscription model for their businesses with important positive repercussions on customer experience.

The digital and strategic evolution no longer encounters obstacles in entrepreneurship thanks to specialised consulting companies such as Sidea Group which also allow SMEs to emerge in the competitive market with the use of technologically advanced solutions such as Zuora and Salesforce

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