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Scopri i vantaggi del CRM per la gestione semplificata del tuo business

Discover the benefits of CRM to simply manage your business

Services and solutions tailored to your company.

Regardless of your industry, maintaining and building strong customer relationships is one of the key factors in building a stable and successful business in the digital era.

Initially, customer details were distributed within the company in different places, from administration, to e-mail, to the sales department.

As a company grows, it becomes necessary to streamline and optimise information processes and concentrate them in a single easy-to-consult central point for all team members.

Over the last twenty years, both large companies and small entrepreneurs have invested in information systems capable of strengthening and monitoring customer relations.

These innovative systems, called CRM, are an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and have allowed companies to quickly and efficiently meet customer demands, strengthening their trust and bolstering revenues.

In this scenario where companies are rapidly growing and entering the market with new opportunities, it is important that the marketing and sales sectors work together cohesively.

In fact, CRMs support teams’ complex work flows and effectively and fluently manage information on contacts and sales opportunities as well as any interaction that takes place through digital communication channels such as websites, e-mails and social networks.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a platform that manages and connects all internal business data relating to prospects and future customers in an organised way, on a single integrated platform that is always accessible to create a unified customer experience.

A CRM system supports you in sales management, quickly and easily provides useful information anywhere from any device, integrates with your company’s social pages and facilitates communication between teams.

This advanced technology represents an effective support for database management in the sales area, for marketing activities and in pre and post sales activities, simplifying all business processes.

The advantages of Customer Relationship Management

Large, small and medium enterprises are implementing a CRM system not only to simplify the management of relationships with existing customers but, above all, to find new ones.

Using a CRM, in fact, entails a new way for companies to enter new markets, no longer only closely linked to their local origins.

This advanced software and hardware system facilitates information collection, organisation and management.

  • Manage your leads CRM is the best tool for managing leads: the processes of transforming a lead into a customer is one of the most demanding and complex business management processes. Lead information acquisition operations become faster with CRM thanks to automated processes that group sales operation developments in a single portal.
  • Improve customer service Customer Service has a fundamental role in the business improvement process at a time when the role of the customer is becoming increasingly important. Excellent customer service has a team of competent people supported by the right technology. Pre- and post-sales assistance, information and problem solving are challenges on the agenda in every company that needs a quick solution. A solution can be identified in a timely manner and a more personal relationship can be established between company and customer thanks to the information in the CRM. Efficient customer service is the real added value to your business.
  • Increase revenue The best CRM software feature allows companies to collect and analyse customer and market information. Taking advantage of this opportunity for your business means consolidating on the market and improving both turnover and customer satisfaction.
  • Sales process support A company that has implemented CRM has greater ease in managing sales processes thanks to new order entry simplicity, the immediate display of commercial information and the history that allows suppliers to have information on customers. These processes help the sales team to conclude sales negotiations faster. 
  • Custom reports It is important that CRM data is always reviewed to allow anyone in the company to access, analyse and keep up to date. Thanks to CRM systems, customer information is integrated into tools capable of generating reports. For each business activity, reading performance indexes and reports is essential to assess sales performance and monitor goal progress and campaigns.
  • Build customer loyalty In today’s market, customers expect a more personalised range and that companies know what they want without being asked by the customer. It is up to the company to keep up with new market needs by promoting its services through the most suitable channels and devices to create interaction.  
  • Improve marketing strategies CRM lets companies understand customer needs and behaviours. Thanks to the marketing automation platforms in CRM, campaigns can be managed quicker and a marketing strategy can be created to target prospects thanks to customised content that not only rewards but also strengthens brand awareness.  

Why you need Salesforce

Salesforce is the most widely used CRM platform in the world that operates on the Cloud

Salesforce services reveal your customers’ needs and let you manage all the detailed information regarding the sales, marketing and customer service departments and processes on a single, easy and immediate platform.

Large companies and SMEs have greatly improved their results and internal business processes through optimisation with its advanced technology

Over the years, Salesforce has developed a suite of applications for B2B and B2C that provides all the tools needed to create a unified customer experience.

Investing in the future

In a highly competitive market, companies find it harder to carve out a winning position. This is where the need arises to define management models closely linked to the integration between business processes and the people who are part of them. The development of new technologies becomes an opportunity for growth, especially for SMEs.

This futuristic vision is customer-centric: it is the customer and his/her needs that will guide the company’s choices.

CRM cooperates with departments to retain and satisfy customers by offering them the necessary solutions to improve performance and achieve the set goals.

Sidea is a Salesforce certified partner

Sidea Group is a certified partner and point of reference for Salesforce in Italy, but also your strategic partner for business change able to increase the returns on your investments.

Specialising in consulting, development and integration of Salesforce solutions and services, we work with you to maximise business performance by deploying and integrating the best Salesforce products according to business needs.

We are at your side from the CRM consulting phase to its implementation. We train your team to ensure that technology is simply adopted. We help you implement processes to allow full integration for your company.

Contact us to start your journey towards innovation!

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