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San Francisco Salesforce - Dreamforce 2022

25 October 2022

Sidea Group in San Francisco for Dreamforce 2022

We've been to the biggest Salesforce event in the world - here's how it went

Dreamforce is the most important Salesforce event in the world: flying to San Francisco to attend live panels, networking moments and shows has been continuously exciting. We were at the centre of the Salesforce world, discovered the sector novelties and met realities and people from all over the world between September 20th and 22nd. Here is how Giacomo Ventolone, Managing Director at Sidea Group, narrated the event directly from San Francisco.

The City of the future

Airplanes and lights, from afar like gems on the city. Then skyscrapers, waving the stars and stripes. The wind off the Pacific Ocean animates the busy roads of cars and sirens.

This Dreamforce 2022 with Sidea Group starts with a crescendo of emotions in San Francisco.

An entire downtown area dedicated to Salesforce, in the largest exhibition area in North America: the Moscone Center.

The Magic: over 30,000 digital professionals mainly from the United States, with delegations from all over the world.

You participate in the Dreamforce for many reasons. To create communities, to discover the upcoming innovation with the products and the protagonists of digital transformation. A unique event that positions Salesforce as the most dynamic and fastest reality among the world’s big tech companies.

Exponential growth: Salesforce will reach $35 billion in revenue this year. This is what Marc Benioff said in his keynote opening the 3-day event in front of a global audience that reopened its doors in San Francisco to celebrate his successes, based on business values: Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, Equality, Sustainability.

In his speech, Marc Benioff, flanked by Co-Ceo Brat Taylor, focused on one of these values: E-Quality. A neologism to indicate the virtuous link between ethics of equitably distributed value and Quality. With the enormous amount of technologies and products on the market, you have to know and understand this Quality. And then use it: great and current theme is that of adoption.

The Dreamforce becomes an extraordinary opportunity to reflect, update and participate in hundreds of technical product workshops. You can never learn enough about the breadth and applicability of Salesforce clouds. Solutions that seamlessly integrate strategic business functions on a single platform.

Doing business is no longer looking at a static photograph, but knowing how to capture the picture in the fast sequence of events by intervening in the decisive moment of the dialogue with customers by providing real-time answers.

Simple and complex. Impossible without data control, integration capability, and business process management. A technical and consulting know-how that partners like Sidea Group are able to put in place with multidisciplinary specialised teams.

Real Time CRM was introduced at Dreamforce ’22.

With Salesforce Genie, the data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 structure in real time, algorithms and artificial intelligence enter business and corporate processes by changing customer experiences, with a powerful, reliable platform accessible from anywhere in real time.

Salesforce is already accompanying us in a future that opens up a prospect of organic and countercyclical growth for all companies that believe in sustainable, cultural and design innovation.

At Sidea, we believe in innovation, and with Salesforce we feel part of this future.

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