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Rafforzare il rapporto medico-paziente: la medicina del futuro è on-demand.

Strengthening the doctor-patient relationship: tomorrow’s health care is on-demand.

Digital health is making great strides, doctors are increasingly connected and new technologies are opening the door to a future based on remote care.

The technological development phase that we are currently experiencing raises the question: how widespread is digital health and how is the relationship between health facilities and patients changing? Research, understood as a resource for the future, looks towards new horizons including technology markets.

More and more companies are choosing to focus on the solutions of the future: in this scenario Mapfre pioneers, launching Savia, the new subscription service completely dedicated to health and well-being. A new project that goes beyond health insurance, nicknamed by the Spanish press as the “Spotify of health” and led by the director of digital health and former googler Pedro Diaz Yuste, Savia aims to transform the way health care is managed and administered in Spain.

Inspired by digital giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, the innovative platform offers both pay-per-service services and subscriptions that allow users, or patients, to choose the health care services they need at any given time. Savia has over 120,000 registered users and over 2 million visits to its website and offers access to medical professionals from dozens of specialties including paediatrics, cardiology, psychology, gynaecology, dentistry and nutrition.

Savia’s “patients” can interact virtually and instantly with the chosen doctor through digital services such as videoconferencing, chat, SMS, and schedule an on-line visit. The patient pays a basic 10-Euro monthly subscription that includes two video consultations and up to four free medical calls per month depending on the type of digital health services they need and that they can cancel at any time. This way Savia also offers a simple and inexpensive alternative for temporary residents.

The company has announced that it will launch new plans for a more premium profile in the coming months. The platform, which has been on the market since before the health emergency caused by Covid-19, has however decided to offer its digital services free of charge to all Spanish citizens from 16 March. A decision that is not complex from an IT point of view thanks to AWS, Salesforce and Zuora solutions. During this crisis, the number of queries has increased fivefold over the previous period (up to 2,000 per day) as well as the use of the application.

“More and more organisations are aware that subscription services are the future of revenue growth,” said Tien Tzuo, CEO and founder of Zuora.

During the health emergency, more than 250 Spanish companies decided to offer Savia services to employees and their families through Savia’s B2B service.

Even in Italy, the digital health care sector is introducing substantial changes in patient-consumer behaviour and redesigning the health care supply chains. We are one of the demographically oldest countries and therefore we will have a greater need to have access to increasingly technologically advanced instruments. Telemedicine has thus made it possible to receive consultations directly from home, avoiding the need for travel which in turn prevents the spread of the virus.

Sidea’s projects for health care

Sidea Group is a Zuora and Salesforce partner and offers technological solutions with the internal Healthcare division to make IHC, Nursing Home and Assisted Living patient management efficient and modern through the Salesforce Patient Relationship Management (PRM), the world’s leading CRM.

Sidea assists medical and health care business operators through an overall approach that involves, integrates and coordinates each business area in a single project.

Companies such as PerkiElmer and Lucea have chosen Sidea as a strategic partner to improve their brand awareness and coordinate digital marketing activities to cover consumer journeys such as the management of patient relationships, the provision of personalised services and for specific audiences. CRM systems support the advanced, automated, and efficient processes of customers and patients by transforming the way of working in the health care industry.

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