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Businesses and customers: getting closer with Salesforce

CRM solutions help optimise the customer experience and increase revenue.

Sidea is a Salesforce partner to help businesses build successful customer relationships. Salesforce is the cloud-based platform that enables businesses to connect with customers in a whole new way.

From marketing to sales, from e-commerce to customer service: Salesforce offers integrated solutions with a single, omni-channel approach.

  1. Personalised, intelligent and omni-channel marketing

Salesforce lets companies create custom experiences for customers across multiple channels. Integrated and automated e-mail, social media, mobile, on-line advertising and journeys: the CRM platform offers a unique and complete picture of the customer profile. To interact with everyone at the right time and with the right message.

  1. Increasing sales: it’s never been easier

Salesforce offers tools to manage contacts and leads, digitise the sales force, make accurate forecasts, increase sales team productivity, create reports, improve support, and build customer loyalty

The goal is to help companies of all sizes and industries work better and grow faster.

  1. E-commerce: the on-line business to the umpteenth power

Salesforce lets businesses create personalised, intelligent, multi-channel shopping experiences, integrating mobile, social, web, and point-of-sale.

With the power of the cloud and the seamless, integrated experience, Salesforce can increase conversions and promote loyalty.

  1. Customer service: a solution to every problem

Salesforce lets companies offer more efficient customer service across all channels: phone, e-mail, web chat, and social media. The result is a smoother, faster and more productive service. This way, companies reduce costs and customers are more satisfied.

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