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Subscription: a new page for Sole 24 Ore

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Evolving the revenue model from the sale of "editions" and "products", towards variable and customisable service subscriptions. Improving the efficiency of service subscription management through an advanced platform that permits successful billing, payment system and customer management.

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  • Business analysis

  • System integration

  • Zuora platform DevOps

  • Middleware Implementation

  • Subscription: a new page for Sole 24 Ore
    Founded in 1865, Sole 24 Ore is the most widely read economic and financial newspaper in Italy and the reference point for updating professionals, entrepreneurs, public administration executives and financial investors.
    Like the entire media industry, Sole 24 Ore is also evolving towards a digital ecosystem based on the subscription model. They chose to rely on us and PwC for the best results.
    Together, we created a custom platform to manage subscription services that integrates Zuora with Sole 24 Ore payment, billing and CRM systems.
    This way, the daily can manage all processes, flows and data from a single platform, optimising time and resources. Readers, on the other hand, can manage their subscription conveniently and flexibly, choosing to renew, suspend or purchase new content packages independently, in a simple and transparent way.
    The result? Sole 24 Ore has entered a new era, optimising its subscription services to the fullest. To offer its readers valuable experiences, in line with the wishes and needs of modern consumers.