Sidea Group has been a Selligent certified partner for over 2 years. Selligent Marketing Cloud has received high potential in native and third-party integration criteria, enterprise technology insight, innovation roadmap and partner ecosystem.

Selligent Marketing Cloud, one of the two leaders in “cross-channel campaign management“, has created an intelligent Marketing Automation cloud platform, which harnesses the power of data and artificial intelligence to help brands and marketers maximise every moment of interaction with connected consumers. 

Dynamic technology delivers insights that enable businesses to deliver ultra-personalised, value-driven interactions to consumers, delivering compelling experiences across all channels and devices

Selligent Marketing Cloud, helps marketers build relationships with their customers, create, test, launch and optimise campaigns from a single platform, quickly and on a large scale. Almost unlimited flexibility allows you to create flows that accompany customers from start to finish, increasing confidence in the company.

You can add additional modules to all this to manage on-site traceability, the AI engine and Analytics & Data Enrichment:

  • Site

Selligent Marketing Cloud Site is the first marketing solution that allows you to create important on-line experiences with dynamically generated content on website pages, integrating the data of known and unknown visitors into profiles to cultivate leads and generate sales.

Creating advanced audience profiles promotes website personalisation and omnichannel engagement with retargeting & follow-up activities.

Customise experiences, even for anonymous visitors, based on their activity during the session and leverage that behaviour to customise in other channels.

  • Cortex

Selligent Marketing Cloud Artificial Intelligence. Amplified audience, always consistent content displayed on the channel and at the time that ensures maximum conversion.

In detail:

  • it uses machine learning algorithms to provide real-time content advice, based on behavioural and contextual data;
  • it learns and exploits customer behaviour, through artificial intelligence and behavioural retargeting, to obtain optimal delivery times, leading to higher openness and interaction rates;
  • it automatically determines the best segmentation to send a message to based on content.
  • SDS (Selligent Data Studio) PRO

A dashboard and reporting solution that delivers top-notch data analytics and insight generation. It allows you to freely explore data without any limit, to carry out data drill-through and analysis from different angles.

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