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Digital, integrated, connected: customer support with Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce is revolutionising customer service with tools, processes and functions that help companies better manage work flows

Salesforce provides businesses with everything they need through the Service Cloud application: speed, integration, and customisation. To ensure customers have a fully digital experience, from start to finish.

Lots of channels, just one service

Customers can communicate with companies through Service Cloud using any channel: e-mail, phone, social media, sites, chat and SMS. With a single, comprehensive picture of each customer, customer care operators can deliver quick and consistent responses, increasing user satisfaction and business productivity.

Assistance therefore becomes a fluid and integrated process, in which each phase is connected, to provide help at any time, on any channel and in the shortest possible time.

Digital and on-site support: a closed circle

Service Cloud offers smart tools to work faster and easier. The comprehensive picture of customers and interactions helps support teams provide quick and effective responses.

What’s more, built-in chat bots based on artificial intelligence and self-service options that help customers find what they are looking for independently makes support work even easier, with considerable time and cost savings

Artificial intelligence also allows you to do other things: automatically assign service calls, avoid manual data entry and receive suggestions based on the situation.

All this efficiency even optimises on-site service. When service workers arrive on site, they have all the information they need to complete their work or, even better, to perform it remotely

Do you want to improve your business with the world’s number one customer service?

Sidea Group integrates marketing and technologies to accompany you in your digital evolution. Thanks to the solutions offered by Salesforce, Sidea Group helps you achieve the most important goal: quality service and customer fidelity.

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