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Omni-channel customer service: retaining customers with service

One of the most important aspects in the relationship with the customer is customer service. Good customer service is the foundation on which to build a relationship of trust with customers.

That’s why when we talk about support we’re talking about omni-channel customer service.

Omni-channel means that the company provides assistance through a single platform that integrates all channels: store, phone, mail, form, live chat, social media, text, etc.

A common mistake is to confuse “multi-channel” with “omni-channel”. They’re not synonymous. The first word, in fact, simply means that customers have multiple channels to get in touch with the company. Omni-channel, on the other hand, means all contact points are integrated, to offer a fluid, coherent and comfortable service process.

The benefits of omni-channel customer service

  • Better customer insights

Each service channel contains customer information. By analysing this data, you can further understand user needs and improve business actions and strategies.

  • Increased likelihood to purchase and customer satisfaction

Offering customers the answer they are looking for is a way to increase their level of satisfaction and encourage purchases. Customers appreciate companies that value their time and are able to solve problems quickly

  • Increased customer service agent productivity and satisfaction

Making customer care procedures more efficient means that agents have more time to devote to training, handling more complex problems and more important activities. This produces value for the agents and for the company.

  • Lower costs

The omni-channel approach saves time and money. Freed resources can be invested in more profitable activities, which contribute to business growth.

  • Competitive differentiation

Omni-channel customer service is a competitive advantage over competitors because it provides an experience that increases customer satisfaction and improves the brand image.

Omni-channel with Sidea Group and Salesforce

The best way to develop omni-channel customer support is to rely on Salesforce CRM.

Thanks to Sidea Group’s technological and strategic expertise, companies can build a fully integrated experience. In fact, the Salesforce platform monitors interactions with each customer, keeps contact data up to date and shares information with all corporate departments.

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