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Our history

Conceived from the courageous dream of four young people, Sidea Group retains its exploratory and curious spirit in its corporate identity and its approach in the search for new talents.

It all began in a room in Fasano, in the heart of Puglia, full of monitors, keyboards, post-its on the walls, and drive. Domenico, Vittorio, Angelo and Domenico thus began their adventure, combining their talents and their aptitudes to try to create something together. Something new, combining technology and marketing, creativity and method. This is how Sidea Group came to life, a "digital boutique" – as Domenico Martellotta defined it in its early days – which quickly became an IT and marketing consulting company.

From Fasano, Puglia, to the rest of the world In every way.

Flexibility is one of our essential values: as long as you work well, you can work from anywhere. This is why we can say we have offices all over the world: Puglia is our home, but our office is everywhere.

I riconoscimenti che abbiamo ricevuto

La nostra filosofia


Each person brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience; we try to create more or less formal moments to share our story and enrich each other.


We encourage people in Sidea Group to study, train, increase their knowledge and maintain a dynamic approach to their career, which also evolves and changes depending on what they learn along the way.


Talent alone is not enough. But when we find it, we try to create the best environment for it to develop, offering our resources the most stimulating projects and the most suitable training opportunities to help them grow.


Keeping up to date is not only our "duty": it is something we enjoy. Informing and training ourselves on what's happening in the IT world, in the development of new technologies and in the world in general helps us to have an approach to work and to propose solutions that take into account as many variables and tools as possible.

I nostri valori

La nostra squadra

I nostri collaboratori


From Fasano, Puglia, to the rest of the world In every way.

Centri di competenza


  • Counseling
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Digital Design
  • Strategy

We bring together our talents in various fields to offer clients maximum support in enhancing their business: from consulting to marketing, from strategy to design and development.

Our technologies

Numero di sedi


Sidea Group's offices are in Bari and Fasano: our roots are here, and from Puglia we extend our gaze to everything that surrounds us. The Sidea Group team works from all over the world, thanks to a flexible system based on agile workload management and a solid communications network between team members. We like to come back to the office when we need to in order to meet face to face, work together, share a coffee break and remember where it all began.