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le nuove frontiere del customer service

The new frontiers of customer service: the integrated call center

Calling a company's call centre to solve a problem often turns into a tiring experience that can try your customers’ patience.

Users expect to talk to operators who know who they are, their past transactions and how to help them without asking for information they have already provided. Like everyone else, they seek quick answers, competent people and continuity.

It is essential to choose the best technological solutions to offer a higher quality service in order for this to occur.

Salesforce: il CRM per il call center

Integrare il call center con la piattaforma CRM di Salesforce è il sistema migliore per ottimizzare la gestione dei rapporti con i clienti (customer service). Salesforce offre numerosi vantaggi perché fornisce un servizio di assistenza efficiente e personalizzato.

Salesforce allows you to receive real-time information, view your transactions, customer preferences, products or services you’ve already purchased, and track your entire service history. Therefore, operators have the full picture of your experience to respond to requests as quickly as possible.

Salesforce not only improves customer interaction but also that between call centre operators. Operators can ask questions or quickly respond to their colleagues’ questions through a chat so as to provide customers with quick solutions.

Measuring efficiency with CRM

Salesforce provides a set of indexes that enable businesses to continually improve their customer service.

  • Average management time

This index tells you how much time is spent on each customer request. It measures the call centre’s overall efficiency: the less time it takes, the more requests it can solve.

  • Average interactions

This is the average number of incoming and outgoing messages over a period of time. It includes phone calls, e-mails, social media messages and more. The lower the average amount of interactions, the greater the efficiency of the service team.

  • Case re-openings

A case is reopened when a customer contacts the call centre again (or an operator manually reopens the case). If the number grows, it means that the customer is not completely satisfied.

Do you want to improve your call centre’s efficiency?

Sidea Group is a certified Salesforce partner. Its goal is to help companies with customised solutions that improve customer management and reduce telephone support time and costs.

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